Sunday, May 29, 2011

Back to the Daily Grind

Aw, The Boss gave me Memorial Day weekend off.  Isn't that sweet?  Wait, no, I guess what I mean is that I spent the weekend doing something other than sitting in front of the computer reading blogs and working on hacking them.  Cracked quite a few passwords already.  Yeah, probably yours, too.  Get over it.  But apparently I'm ahead of schedule enough that The Boss was fine with me not really working hard this weekend.  He normally shows up to make sure I'm hard at work, but hasn't showed up yet this weekend.

So I've spent most of the weekend with Caper and Poe.  Getting to know people who've been here longer than I have is...kinda helpful.  They glanced over my List of Deceased and sort of laughed at how short it was.  I know I'm missing a lot, but hey, it's nowhere near done.  And besides, I don't know everything.  I have to compile this list myself.  Caper promised to help me with it some.  I was pretty stoked about that until I asked him for some that I had missed.  He kind of laughed and said "well, I don't own a computer, so I can't read the blogs.  But give me about a week and I'll have a whole pile of names for you to add."

Not to self: figure out whether you're going to talk to Caper and find out his story ASAP, or whether you're not going to risk getting attached to him.  Decide quickly, because he's probably not going to be around at all soon.

I get the feeling that he said that largely to make me uncomfortable.  He knows that I'm kind of on the fence, and that doesn't gain me a lot of favor.  They like trying to get reactions out of me.  I think the thing that finally worked for Caper was implying--well, okay, flat out claiming that he once killed a runner by (and I quote) "jamming [his] humongous cock so far down the fucker's throat that he choked to death on it."  And yeah, he got a visible reaction from me.  But Poe actually smacked him, so make of that what you will.  And then I think he mostly just started telling dead baby jokes to get reactions out of us.  Good times. It's been a good weekend, and I almost forgot who exactly it is I work for.  Really not looking forward to getting back to work on Monday.  Or late Sunday.  Or whenever The Boss shows up again.

Oh, and I guess I should clear the air a bit, since a person or two are saying I contradicted myself.  I never lied.  I've always said I work for The Boss because it's safer.

Safer for everyone.

-Don't Shoot The Messenger-


  1. So wait, you work for an eldritch abomination and you get the weekend kind-of off. I work at a call center and I don't. Can tell which one's more evil.


    You actually don't seem terrible - just a victim of circumstance.

    Same as everyone.

  2. Note to self: change password.

  3. "Safer for everyone." You mean easier, right?