Tuesday, May 24, 2011

M...stay safe....

You can't go.  Not yet.  You're proof that they can avoid this.  That they don't have to choose my path.  That they have hope.

Don't die now.  Not after you've spent so long running.  Surviving.

I've never been one for praying, but...I am.  God, Allah, Buddha, The Flying Spaghetti Monster...even The Boss himself, just in case.  Maybe one of them will listen.

-Don't Shoot The Messenger-

Edit: I'm kind of embarrassed looking back on this, but then again, I guess I was still green.  I was, of course, referring to this post.  He ended up being fine, of course.


  1. He will be okay. You simply must believe it.

  2. Oh, he had a good run. Just him let him die. It's inevitable anyway. Keeping him alive would be even crueler.


  3. Okay, you can either join us, or I'll have to kill you when I see you, and I WILL see you. Count on it.

  4. Can't let you do that, Marnax. Besides, I'm more on my own side than anything else. And it's doubtful you'll see me. I'm not exactly on the front lines.

  5. You're a True Neutral, of course you won't choose a side. You're too morally cowardly.