Friday, June 24, 2011

From Zero to Hero to Zero

I never thought I’d actually be happy about one of these.  And yet, somehow, I am.

He’s gone.  Timothy “Zero” Holiday.  Here's the report. 

[EDIT: I've gone ahead and posted an updated version to Zero's blog since the writing of this post.]

There were a couple Agents in the area tracking him when he went into a forest.  They went in after him when he didn’t come out.  They found a huge, dead tree (the surviving Agent says that they should have noticed a tree like that towering over the rest of the forest).  Zero was hanging on one of the branches.  One of the two got closer to make sure that it was, in fact Zero, and that he was, in fact, dead.  He managed to yell back that the ripped-open abdomen was pretty conclusive before…well, we’re not sure what exactly happened, since his partner is extremely unstable and unwilling to talk about it at this time, refusing to say more about it than “the fucking tree got him.”

The surviving agent also managed to grab a backpack belonging to Zero from near the tree, as well as the smartphone he posted from.  The mask was also at the base of the tree, but the Agent who didn’t survive had that.  They were unable to track down the sword and jade elephant he had discarded earlier, and, strangely enough, all the bones had vanished.  Not a trace of them anywhere.  All that’s left of Zero is a backpack and a phone…and not even that anymore, as the backpack has been burned and the phone smashed.  The sword and the elephant are still out there, though.  Good luck to anyone who thinks they can find them, I guess.

I’ll admit, it was hard for me to remain professional for this one, just because…well, I don’t know.  I guess he’s just been striking nerves lately.  In fact, I've decided to hold off on posting this to his blog, just because I feel like I wouldn't be able to avoid taking shots at him and it's just not right to spit on a dead guy on his own blog.  See, we...had a bit of an exchange not too long ago.  Let me get the posts for you.

Anyway, in this post, he mentioned Jekyll as one of his victims.  Listed under people who “deserved it.”  He is, of course, referring to Hyde, a friend I’d mentioned before who helped me through things when I was first getting involved.  The thing is, Zero didn’t even know Hyde.  I did.  Zero probably never even read Hyde’s blog, so he wouldn't know that Jekyll wasn’t Hyde.  Sure, they shared the same body, and a few similarities, but the two were…not the same person.  And neither of them “deserved” it.  Take it from me, Hyde was just a broken kid who was working for The Boss because he had nothing left.  All he had was the name Hyde.  And that asshole took that way from him, too.  I got a bit upset about that and left this comment on his blog.  Well, he decided he’d come over here and retort with this:

“you know, at first I didn't give a damn about you bitching about Hyde. I mean, why the fuck do you care? You leave this big defensive comment on my blog about him and shit, and I really didn't give a damn, but fuck it.

You wanna know why I called him Jekyll?

Because it makes him a real man to me, not some bullshit proxy that I killed, I call him Jekyll as a sign of his humanity, whatever the hell was left of it.

And if you've got a problem with THAT, then fuck you too.”

What a guy.  Isn’t he great?  Jekyll was human, but once he became Hyde, I guess he just ceased to be a person.  I guess that this means that I’m not a human either.  Or anyone else I’ve talked to here.  William, or the people who call themselves William, have lost everything.  Are you really going to say that you can’t look at them with pity as people?

The fucker is dead, and I can’t help but be happy about it.  He’s not going to kill anyone else now.  He’s not going to spread his bigoted slander about us Agents around (I’d like to remind you that, unlike him, most of us have never killed anyone).

Goodnight, sweet prince, and mobs of demons drag thee to thy torment.

-Don't Shoot The Messenger-

NOTE:  May get a report up on Zero's blog eventually.  May not.  I don't know.  I don't feel like it'd be a good idea when I can't remain unbiased in this.


  1. Hey, Messenger. I don't think someone who willingly serves the Big Man is in any position to say someone deserved to die.

    You're not exactly endearing yourself to the bloggers when you say shit like that about someone who was trying to redeem himself.

    Hrm. Are you allowed to say whereabouts this was? Might go looking for that sword.

  2. Oh, like fuck I'd let you get your hands on that sword you little pussy bitch. If anyone's gonna get ol' zerosagey's sword it should be the R-Man here, obviously.

    After all, I've always wanted a sword. And this would just be delicious.

    Oh yeah, and uh, whassup Messenger? Don't believe I've ever had the pleasure of meeting you.

    Stay frosty.


  3. Heh. Keep barking, Rids.

    Messenger, I'd keep away from this one. He's kind of...dumb. Like, stupid dumb. Stupid dumb in the face. (I made sure not to use too many big words so he could read it too)

  4. The Mad Ventriloquist believes that no one deserves to die.

    Zero killed people, yes. He saw things a certain way. But he's dead now. Perhaps in time the messenger will be able to accept him as a human and let go of his anger. The dead all deserve diginty.

    The Mad Ventriloquist drinks to Zero. And to The Messenger. And to anything, else really. Good luck The Messenger.

  5. This isn't really related to what you posted up there. I don't even know who Zero is or was because I haven't been involved with all of this for months.
    But I think you might be able to help me. Somebody is dead, and I was there. It was His doing. I wrote up the details on my blog. You seem to know a lot about what's all going on with the Runners, so maybe you will recognize this one.
    Thank you for your time, and I'm glad to know there are other decent people over here.

  6. Oh playing card, playing card, why do you serve a most wretched queen?

  7. Because the deck's been dealt, and all the hands are folding.

  8. He isnt dead not yet...-(X)