Saturday, June 18, 2011

Interview with Alex

I was, admittedly, a bit surprised at this guy's name.  Poe directed me to him (because I wasn't going to trust Caper's suggestions), and I think I made a bit of a weird face when I heard that he chose "Alex" as a name, because she laughed at me a little bit.

Well, I got there and I found out why exactly he chose the name.

Ever seen A Clockwork Orange?  Yeah.  This Alex was dressed like that Alex, weird gear-like thing under the eye and everything.  He had, in essence, become the character.  He even talked in that slang.  That's why this took so damn long to get up: I had to translate everything he said. 

Anyway, here's the interview.

The Messenger: So, Alex, is it?  Are you up for an interview?

Alex: *nods*

M: Okay, so, first question.  How long have you been working for The Boss?

A: Only a malenky bit, oh brother.  Nearing half a year.

M: And why did you start in the first place?

A: *grins*  Well, you know.  Wanted a bit of the old ultraviolence.  That feeling you get when you give some malchick a tolchock on the gulliver is simply divine.  Give a dvotchka or three the old in-out-in-out.  It's real horrorshow. 

[Note: I understood almost none of this.  I asked Caper and Poe if they were familiar with this A Clockwork Orange at all, and Poe offered to help translate and get the right spellings.  Caper also offered, but I think I trusted Poe to be a bit more accurate, especially since I think she's a bit of a bookworm.  Anyway, I think what he said is that it's fun to be violent or a delinquent.]

M: Um...okay...?  Next question.  How did you get involved in all of this?

A: Oh, I've always liked the ultraviolence.  The millicent were already suspicious of me, so it was no problem joining up.  That's how it was already when I viddied most of TribeTwelve with my droogs, anyway.  We smecked at it, but it made us a bit uneasy.  My droog Jason got a malenky bit too into it, and started acting all bezoomy. No-litso razrezzed him up about a month later.  Viddied it myself, Jason creeching and wailing the whole time, the krovvy spilling out everywhere, and I admit that I sicked a little.  But my droogs and I decided to join up instead of fighting.  Now they're all bezoomy, all glazed in the glazzies.  And your faithful narrator, oh brother?  Fine and feeling real horrorshow.

[Translation:  He said something about always having been a delinquint already, so it wasn't too big of a step to join Slendy.  Anyway, he got involved when he first watched Tribe Twelve (which he and his friends thought was a joke), and joined up instead of fighting when Slendy came and tore up his friend a month later.  That's what Poe claims, at least.]

M: Look...could you just cut the stupid Clockwork Orange slang?  I have no clue what you're saying.

A: [He had been wearing a sort of devilish grin on his face, but it suddenly vanished.  His entire demeanor changed, and he suddenly got a scared look in his eyes.  He wasn't Alex anymore.  He was just some scared kid again.]  Look, have...have you ever read the book?  You don't know what happens in the end, do you?

M: I've seen the movie.  Alex gets brainwashed into being good against his will or something, but he manages to get his free will back in the end.  Continues on with the "ultraviolence" as you call it.

A: *shakes his head* need to know how the book ends.  There was another chapter that they didn't include in the original American release.  At the end, he--Alex, that is--decides that he's bored of being bad.  He settles down.  Starts a family.  That's...that's why I can't break character.  I need this chance.  This chance to start over.  I'm trapped here, and I need some way, some little bit of hope, that no matter how bad I am, no matter what sort of things I do, how many people I kill...that there's some hope that I can leave this all behind.  It''s not fun anymore.

M: ...I', I'm...sorry about that.

[He was shaking at this point.  I was quiet for a while so that he could regain his composure.  When he finally looked up again, he had the grin back on his face.  He was completely back in character.]

A: What's it going to be then, eh?

M: I think I'm done here.  Thanks for your time.

-Don't Shoot The Messenger-


  1. you know, at first I didn't give a damn about you bitching about Hyde. I mean, why the fuck do you care? You leave this big defensive comment on my blog about him and shit, and I really didn't give a damn, but fuck it.

    You wanna know why I called him Jekyll?

    Because it makes him a real man to me, not some bullshit proxy that I killed, I call him Jekyll as a sign of his humanity, whatever the hell was left of it.

    And if you've got a problem with THAT, then fuck you too.

  2. And the show goes on.

    We play the accodion for the boss, get back in the ring, turn on the grinder and paste the smile on our faces.

    The shows gotta go on.

  3. @zero: I see. So you come and leave a comment on my blog that has absolutely nothing to do with what I just posted just to tell me that you insist on taking Hyde's identity away from him just because it makes you consider him more of a person?

    A sign of his humanity. Really, now? I suppose this means that you don't consider me human either. Or for that matter, any of these people, trapped in these jobs for various reasons. Interesting. I see where I stand, then. Well, Zero, let me just tell you something. I'm going to be happy when you die. Because while you've come to your senses and have finally realized that murder is in fact bad, you're a bitter, bigoted ass.

    Like I said, I'll be happy when you die, and I hope that day comes soon. Because when it comes, I'll be ready to eulogize the shit out of you.

    -Don't Shoot The Messenger-

  4. It looks like your back in business

  5. We're waiting to call it for a bit. After all, he's disappeared like this before.

    -Don't Shoot The Messenger-

  6. These people scare the bloody hell out of me.