Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holiday "Cheer"

Ho ho ho.  Happy fucking Holidays.

As Christmas approached, New York started to get insanely busy.  Might be my imagination, but it seemed busier than previous years.  Must be because everyone tried to make this year count, considering that the world’s evidently cockblocking us by exploding four days before the holiday actually hits next year.

And while everyone else was busy decorating everything and buying gifts and singing Christmas songs and writing Christmas letters, I’ve been busy juggling an incredibly tricky situation and writing about people who have died recently. 

I’m sure you’re all wondering what’s going on with Poe and those bruises.  Well, I, like an idiot, decided that the rational thing to do in a fit of panic was to freak out and post it where the world could see it.  It’s kind of habit to post anything I think is noteworthy here, and my brain didn’t make the jump from “this is something important” to “I should keep this between Poe and myself.”  I’ll explain more later once things around here die down some and once I’m free to talk about it, but the laconic and vague version is that Screwtape is, in one way or another, directly responsible for the bruises.  Because all three of us know that I’d press Poe for answers that she’d have to give to me, as soon as I posted he knew I’d find out, and we all know that you guys aren’t going to just glaze over this, so the secret’s basically out.  Which makes the whole situation difficult for all three of us, since we’re dancing around the topic.  The thing is, even though what Screwtape is doing isn’t right, we’re in a situation where we can’t exactly say that he’s in the wrong, and things are tense as we’re all waiting to see who makes the next move.

Poe and I spent Christmas in our apartment.  Didn’t really celebrate.  Not much reason to.  We invited Nee-chan to spend the day with us, though, mostly to bring some cheer to the place.  She’s pretty easy to shop for, especially with Poe to help figure out her more specific tastes.  Knives, anime, plushies, anything else related to anime or Japan…not exactly like I need to agonize over figuring out what she’d love.  It’s the nice part about shopping for obsessive people.

New Year’s Eve we’re probably spending alone at the apartment.  It’ll be nice to have the quiet.  Nee-chan’s mentioned something about spending time with some of Morningstar 1.0’s old crew, so she’s out of the picture.  Then we can finally move past this so-called “time of joy and cheer” and try to regain some normalcy in our routines.  You know, continue the standoff with Screwtape.  Figure out what the hell’s going on around me.  Cling to my fleeting sanity.  The usual.

I should have a post commenting on the recent deaths up soon.  I’ll update the list at that time.

-Don’t Shoot The Messenger-


  1. It's not your fault Messenger. As you said; it became a habit, They're hard to break. Besides, you were worried about her. We all make mistakes when we're worried for people we care about. Be it friends or more.

    Even if there's nothing to celebrate, why don't you see it this way. "New Year, New Start." A time to get everything back on track and in order.

    Good luck anyway, hope things start working out.

    A little off-topic but what would you prefer to be called?
    Messenger or Messi?
    Messenger is all formal
    Messi is kind've adorable ^_^
    But, don't want to be disrespectful or anything.

  2. I agree with Aura, don't blame yourself.

    Really, Screwtape had no reason to flip out over you saying something that was already well-established (that's he's a sadistic prick)

  3. I hope my actions are not hurting you and yours

    you are good people.

    Happy New Year.

  4. I would love to know what Poe got up to with her holiday time. I also STILL don't see you actually apologizing for making someone's life harder, not to mention your own. Good job. I feel like a saint sometimes, when I read these things. Screwtape just makes it easy.