Monday, December 12, 2011

Okay, what the fuck is going on?

Poe and Screwtape got back the other day.  Again, I've got no details for you other than the fact that they're back.

Poe's been fairly quiet, as usual.  I decided I'd go and talk to her just a few minutes ago.  We hadn't really spoken more than a few sentences to each other for over a week, and I figured I'd at least chat with her about how exactly the assignment went (since, you know, I'm privy to information that none of the rest of you are).  Went to her room to say hi.

Why didn't I knock why the FUCK didn't I knock?

So I, wonderful person I am, stupidly didn't notice that maybe her door was closed for a reason, and that maybe next time I should knock before walking in on my roommate, because maybe htere's a chance that she's changing.

I should have looked away immediately.  I know I should have.  I shouldn't have been fucking staring at her half-undressed looking at the skin beneath those dresses she wears that's never otherwise exposed.  But I couldn't help myself because

I really don't know which was worse: the embarrassment of walking in on her like that, or


Why the fuck was her body covered in bruises?

Seriously, why the hell didn't she mention that before?  I mean...what the fuck is going on?  I...she had a bit of a black eye for a bit a while earlier, but she waved it off and said that someone had accidentally opened a door she was standing near and

Oh my god I cannot believe I actually fucking bought that.  I am SUCH a dumbass.

I'm...I don't know what to do here.  I just...I need to actually go ask her about this now.  Because when I walked in on her, we just sort of stood there frozen for a while before I bolted and

motherfucker.  motherfuckign fuck
oh gd my hands are shaking.

Why did she not mention this to me before?

I am such a fucking dumbass.


  1. You're an even bigger fucking dumbass for announcing her secret to the world, Messi. XD

  2. People actually believe the cliche "hurt by a door" stories? Amazing. I'm not even sure how you could get a black eye from a door.

  3. People hide things.

    I couldn't tell you her reasons, but given how badly you're freaking out over it... I'm guessing that might be One reason as least.

  4. Oh my god I cannot believe how fucking stupid I am. I...I didn't even think. why the fuck did I even think it would be a good idea to post this before even saying anything to Poe oh my god I'm so stupid. I just...I panicked, I needed to get my thoughts in order, I...oh fuck I'm a dumbass

    -Don't Shoot The Messenger-

  5. Messenger.
    Do you even comprehend what sort of problems this single, unthinking post has put all three of us in?
    You have disclosed publicly what you have no business knowing even privately.
    You have made a grave mistake, Messenger. Any pretense of civility has been thoroughly shattered.

    I am truly sorry it has to be this way.

  6. Oh that doesn't sound good. I would recomend running, or picking up a weapon, but either way you might be having to make a few life-altering choices, and maybe a life-ending one or two.

    See you around

  7. Okay, no.
    Fuck no.
    None of this fucking "Oh I shouldn't have posted this" bullshit


  8. @Screwtape And what has Messi revealed exactly? All we could really assume is that either the mission you two went on went awry or that you or Slendy are an abusive prick (which we already knew a long time ago).

    By making that big a deal about it has now created problems and spark our curiousity. So technically this is all your fault.

    You @#!*% YOURSELF over Screwtape.

  9. Dear "Master's Bitch," (i.e., the previous commenter, who has had his comment deleted)

    I know that that nice little curtain of anonymity the internet provides you can be a wonderful thing. But with great power comes great responsibility. I allow anonymous comments just because I'm a nice guy, and I like to allow the voiceless who don't sell their souls to Google in exchange for quick and easy access to the conveniences that come with it to speak their minds.

    That said, that responsibility can and frequently is abused due to what's known to some as the Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory (or GIFT). Some people use anonymity to do really stupid things. These stupid things include using the "Name/URL" option to make absolutely fuck-tarded moves like link to well-known shock sites featuring elderly men engaging in sexual acts.

    I've dealt with stupid anons on this blog before, but trolls will be trolls, and are relatively harmless. In fact, the previous trolling has been almost amusing. I've made threats, but they've been mostly empty. You, however, are particularly GIFTed in this area. Do you REALLY want to take away the anonymous privileges of all the other readers as well?

    And on top of that, out of all the blogs to pull a stunt like that on someone who's, you know, a HACKER? Do you have a death wish?

    I'm nothing if not generous and forgiving. I'll overlook it this time, and even reproduce your comment word-for-word below! But if you try anything like that again, there will be fucking consequences.

    Anyway, the comment:
    "Broham screwtape you suck ass. no hitting women even if they deserve ti be a man and go fuck up a prostitute not your partner."

  10. A lady deserves better than that. What now, my dear Messenger? Will you confront Screwtape? What shall you do when Poe reads this?

    Regardless, this makes my blood boil. I trust you will come to the right decisions.

    I hope you do not mind holding on to the last of my secrets.

  11. Abusive people who abuse the rest of humanity also abuse each other. Shock-Horror. News at 11.

    I am underwhelmed, unsurprised and dare I say unmoved. Abusive relationships are a terrible thing but given what you guys get up to in your 'jobs' one would almost be tempted to make a remark about Karma.

  12. I'm upset. I only just was allowed access to blogs and this is what I see. People go silent and offer no condolences to the broken mentioned in the previous post.

    But everyone suddenly comes rushing in when the soap opera starts? -_-

    As someone once broken, I'm upset. I know it was hard but I'm glad you showed them. It will be nice if people stop treating them as rampaging monsters....It would be great if more could get better too.

    Messi, you and Poe please be careful. Something tells me this is going to cause bigger problems then just Screwtape.

  13. It is the nature of humanity, my dear, give people cause to question their own actions, and it will slip by unnoticed. But give them a chance to revel in other people's drama and mistakes and they will swarm like coackroaches.

  14. Humanity is fickle for they do not feel for those whom they don't percive as human pets not withstanding. To most of the human race the walking shells are just puppets worthless and not worth the emotion. When in reality they are more deserving of our pity and our sadness then those who have been given the raw deal for they have lost all their memories and lack even teh most basic long term memory they should be helped to become as they were before but most people like eddy said don't care and won't bother.

  15. Oh come on, Poe's in that line of work and you truly expect her to come out unscathed? You're an idealist fool, Messenger, hiding behind a wall of pessimism.

    Why don't you just fuck her already? Hatefuck Screwtape while you're at it. I'm sure Eternity will get it all on camera for you so every last proxy can relive the glorious moments.

    Speaking of which, I wonder when he's gonna release your sextape with Caper? One of my pal's got a review copy. He says that you take it like a champ.

  16. You should know that Eternity will probably be giving you less trouble than before, what with having a couple of fingers missing and possible a broken leg.

  17. Oh, yes, thank you for that, Amadaun. I do recall hearing something about that from absolutely zero reputable sources.

    -Don't Shoot The Messenger-

  18. You're a selfendangering, completely oblivious man that really ought to start asking the questions that matter. By the way, not posting every little thing that could hurt your Poe might help as well. Now, you've picked a fight with Screwtape by not stopping and thinking for five seconds before running your mouth.

    Oh, and really? Running into a door? Did you really fall for that, or did you just not want to wise up to the reality in front of you?

    You can't stop the situation, so you wanted to pretend it wasn't happening. He's been a bully to her for months, and it takes walking in on her to realize how badly? Jesus. I'm ashamed.