Sunday, October 9, 2011

Termination Observed

This is a report that's a bit different than the others in that I'm not announcing the death of a person, but the death of an entire division.  The Slender Man division of the Paranormal Termination Consortum has been wiped out nearly completely.  You can check out that link to Observe and Terminate, where the sole survivor provides a pretty good report of his own.  Much better than I could have done.

I guess I don't have any strong feelings about this one way or the other.  You guys know as well as any that they were a blessing as well as a curse to pretty much anybody.  Seemed like some of them could never quite decide whether they wanted to kill everyone related to The Boss or not, it sounded like their boss decided he wanted to work for my Boss at the end there, and that whole "dimensional bleeding" thing with the space-time cloning and whatnot sounds like it fucked pretty much everything up for everyone.

And on top of that, they couldn't even do what their department was designed to do.  If they couldn't kill The Boss, the odds for anyone else managing look pretty slim.  All they managed to do was fuck everything up.  They tried, though.  You've gotta give them credit for trying.

Well, with the Slender Man division completely wiped out, The Boss probably isn't going to be bothering the PTC anymore.  B2, if you read this, good luck in whatever it is you're doing now.  You have my best wishes.

-Don't Shoot The Messenger-


  1. Oh, hush Annie, they were some badass motherfuckers. It fills me with regret that I never got a chance to get my hands on some of their sweet lasers and shit, maybe tussle with those fuckers. It woulda been awesome.

    Stay frosty.