Saturday, October 15, 2011

Things are calming down some.  Unfortunately, they've been a little too calm and quiet.  There's been a heavy silence hanging over the apartment, and I think it largely has to do with a comment Screwtape left a few days ago in regards to Poe's role in that whole incident with the Nee-chan freak-out: 

"Messenger, you can promote your perception of things as much as you want to, but let me remind you that Raven was of absolutely no help. She caught Nee-chan's attention for perhaps a second and then did nothing else. Do not let your bias towards her and against me affect you. You know as well as I did that she did nothing but take up space that night. She could have at very least spoken to Nee-chan to attempt to calm her down. Only fitting, since dolls are quite well known for being able to comfort children."

I really don't want to admit it, but...well, he has a point.  I know it, and I think Poe knows it, and it's really just been a source of tension.

That's what today was for.  To relieve some of that tension.  For more than just us, too.  Theta showed up and dropped Nee-chan off, telling us to keep an eye on her.  I guess she's got a bit more free reign now.  Anyway, she was...she was trying to be smiley and cheerful.  But she wasn't.  I could tell it was forced.

So I spent an hour or two watching something called "Lucky Star" in Japanese, for her sake.

I didn't really like it (I couldn't really follow it, but I'm pretty sure that there wasn't much to follow, and it's quite possibly the dumbest show I've ever seen), but I guess this is about one of the most normal things I've done in a while, so I'm not complaining.  It seemed to improve everyone's mood some.  Nee-chan gave me a hug afterward.  Called me "Messi-kun," which she's never done before.  It's always been "Messenger-san."  Asked Poe what it meant, and she said that it meant Nee-chan started thinking of me as a friend.

And things seem a bit better in more ways at one.  As we watched, Poe just kind of...leaned up against my shoulder.  Like...I don't know. felt like, after a heavy silence, we just...connected.  Got closer.  Things feel better now.  A sort of invisible rift mended.  Although I recognize that's usually a gesture of affection, and I...well, I mean, I know there's...we know what the situation is and everything, and it just seems...I don't know if it was right or not.

Whatever.  I'm dwelling on this.  I shouldn't be.  Most important part of the post now.

Big Brother contacted me.  Told me he'd call me again on Monday and invite me to where he was.  I'll have something up on Tuesday.  If not, expect me to be dead blah blah blah I'm sure I'll be back.  Don't worry.

-Don't Shoot The Messenger-


  1. I rather like you, Messanger, you see things the way they should be viewed, even if it isn't always the way they are. Good luck with Big Brother tomarrow, I must admit, the man has style.

    See you around

  2. Well, I'm glad to know stuff is getting better...
    By the way...
    If you ever die (which I don't think is gonna happen anytime soon), will somebody write a report for you?

  3. I wonder who would write your report? that would be an interesting question...any who, i hope you and nee-chan continue to get along quite well.

    stay gray messenger. black and white doesn't look good on anyone from a philosophical standpoint.

    wishing you the best,

  4. Yeah "Lucky Star" is kind of a like it or hate it series with a good majority it seems towards the "hate it" side.
    Good luck with tomorrow.

  5. You know if you need a eulogy, I'd be happy to provide, of course thia means you are no doubly obligated to write mine if you happen to outlive me. I'm kidding of course, I'd like to get to know you better before commiting to authoring your obituariory. Although I do have a good title: "Someone Shot the Messenger"

    See you around