Sunday, February 12, 2012

I can't believe this

Donovan's dead.  Screwtape killed him.  There's three posts that went up here, here, and here, and he...he's dead.

Screwtape knew.  I don't know how, but he knew.  Not just that we were planning something against him.  That wasn't particularly hard to find out.  He knew about Donovan.  How...let me explain.

I asked Poe if she'd...she'd like to work together to see if we could bring her back to who she used to be as Annabel again.  And I've been in contact with Donovan for a bit now, trying to work together with him to help Poe.  He's probably the only one alive who knew her as Annabel and knows her as Poe.

Shit, I just reread that sentence, and now my hands are shaking again.  Was.  Past tense.  Not present tense.

He was...someone from Poe's past.  Someone from Annabel's past.  She won't admit it, but I'm pretty sure she used to have at least a little crush on him.

And Screwtape somehow (I have no fucking clue how) found out that we had been talking to him so he went off and killed him and how could we possibly have been so stupid and

fuck.  Oh fuck.  I'm...I can't do this now.  Poe's sobbing, I'm fucking crying, I can barely think straight, I can't do this report right now, I want to kill that son of a bitch too badly.

-Don't Shoot The Messenger-


  1. I'm so sorry Messi, and to you too Poe. Please, keep closer to each other and keep an eye out. You know Screwtape never liked all this. He's probably going to pull out the stops now.

    Be careful.

  2. Fuck Fuck FUck FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK~!!!!!!!!!

    That Rat faced cock sucking fuckhead Run messi Fucking run take Poe and get the fuck out of there Now. Don't fucking wait just run goddamnit FUCKINNG RUN IT DOESN'T TURN OUT OK YOU ALL END UP FUCKING DEAD JUST RUN!!!!!

  3. Are you going to let Screwtape's report stand in for your own? Sounds disrespectful to his memory to me, but what do I know? Deal with your grief in your own way. Come back when you're ready.

    Maybe it won't be too late.

  4. ...
    No objections on this end if that tire iron is red-hot before application to the smarmy bastard's face.
    I'm against killing people... and revenge of course never solves anything on its own... but I do believe in the healing properties of irony.

  5. Hey i know how to stop the slender menace once and finally forever go to my blog to find out

    1. Course you do, luv, and I'm the tooth fairy.

      By the by, totally relevant to the conversation. 'Cause nothing brightens up the funeral more than a party crasher walking in talking about murdering someone else.

      P.S. Your timing sucks.

    2. .....oh my god, I cannot believe I forgot about where I knew that name from until just now.

      I feel disappointed in myself.

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