Friday, February 17, 2012

Poe is Gone



Why does everyone keep disappearing?

So Zombie came over after Poe's lockup and the two of us helped her try to recover.  Well, Zombie, at least.  I mostly just had breakdowns of my own, and Zombie's probably just glad that he didn't have to snap me out of it as well.  But she's...she's back.  I have no clue how he did it, but she's back.

And now she's gone.  She left.  Just like Screwtape did. 

At least she let me know something, though.  It was just a single note: "There's something I have to do.  I'll be back."  That's all it said.  She didn't even sign her name so all I had was the handwriting to tell me it was her.

I'm extremely worried, I'll admit.  She..she seemed okay, but she says she's still not fully better, and her taking off like this doesn't bode well.  In addition, I have no clue what that coded section of her blogpost was about (I'm a hacker, not a codebreaker), but Screwtape seems to, and I'm...I'm freaking out and in the dark and

Poe, if you're reading this, please, stay safe.  I can't lose you.

-Don't Shoot The Messenger-


  1. Oh for fuck's sake. It's a damn easy thing to break. Look at her tags.
    Then hit google.

  2. Has Screwtape even come back yet? Or is he still on the move?
    I... fear the worst for Poe if she's going out while he's still out there, waiting for the next move.

  3. I love how little concern people are showing for Poe, besides Messi. Heh. y'all are just plain fucking heartless.

    1. I'm concerned I just can't think of the right to say except "I realy hope she's okay." And feel like I should say something more than that.

    2. I have plenty of concern for Poe. But making noises about it on the blog of someone who doesn't like me certainly isn't going to help her.