Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Interview with Zombie

Hey, everyone remember Muad'Dib?  You know, the pilot?  Remember his ginger roommate, Zombie?  Well, I decided to try to at least talk to him.  He ended up agreeing to an interview, interestingly enough.

Anyway, I knocked on their apartment door, and he answered.  He's a tall guy, a few years younger than me.  Really pale and really quiet, although I guess I'm not one to judge.

Messenger: Hey, uh...Zombie, right?  [He nodded, not saying anything]  Um...not sure we've actually met before.  I'm The Messenger.  Poe's roommate.  ...Don't know if you know Poe, either.

Zombie: I know her. How is she?

M: Uh...she's...she's doing okay.  Been better, but I think she's doing better than she has been recently. mind if I come in for a bit?  [He nodded and let me in]  Uh...there's this thing I kind of like to do.  It's, um...sort of an interview.  I interviewed Muad'Dib the other day, and was wondering if you'd mind if I interviewed you.

Z: Why me?

M: Because.... [It was a good question, actually]  I don't know.  Why not?  I've interviewed everyone who's agreed to it.  Muad'Dib, Nee-chan, Poe...Caper....

Z: I see. I don't see why not then.

M...Thanks, I guess.  So it's Zombie, right?  What made you choose that name?

Z: I didn't. Muad'Dib did. My first name's Rob.

M: ...You let Muad'Dib choose your-- [My brain suddenly connected what exactly he just said]  Rob.  So Rob Zombie, then.  And you just...were okay with this.

Z: I couldn't think of a nickname of my own. Zombie works well enough.

M: All right, well, long have you been involved in all this, Zombie?

Z: Seven months two weeks five days. If you want specifics.

M: That's...not even as long as me.  Huh.  Expected longer.  Anyway, how exactly did you get involved in the first place?

Z: It's complicated.

M: Uh...okay.  Care to elaborate just a bit more, or are you just gonna leave it at that?

Z: I was studying to become a doctor. My roommate was... I don't remember. A film major maybe? A teacher assigned some homework and he started getting a little odd.

M: I...think I see where this is going.  [He never elaborated or came back to it, but it was a Marble Hornets story, most likely.

Z: They recruited me. For my talents.

M: Okay, I guess that leads into my next question pretty well.  What are your talents?  What exactly is it you do?

Z: I like to think of myself as an interrogator.

M: Um...okay?  Not quite sure I follow.  What exactly do you mean by that?

Z: I'm a torturer.

[This...threw me for a bit, I'll admit.  Caught my off guard.  Pretty sure it showed on my face, and it took me a few seconds just to choke out the stupid response I did.]

M: ...Oh. [He just nodded once] That's, uh...oh.

Z: Do you have any more questions?

M: Um...against my better judgement, yes.  Um...why, exactly?

Z: Why what?

M: Uh...why exactly do you do it?  Torture?  I mean, it' can't be easy.  Unless it's fun for you, in which case, um....

Z: I don't really have a choice.

M: Can I ask why not?

[He'd been pretty calm and collected the entire time, not showing much emotion.  As soon as I asked him that, though, he started looking really uncomfortable and anxious, like he was about to have some sort of breakdown.  He looked down as he answered]

Z: They have my sister.

M:  [After a few seconds, I put my hand on his shoulder as a...gesture of comfort or something along those lines]  I know how you feel.  I'm here instead of my brother.

Z: Not to try to be difficult, but you hack computers don't you? Hardly the same as causing others pain. This is not what I studied to do.

M: What...what did you study to do, exactly?

Z: A doctor. I mentioned that already. I was quite good. Or so I've been told.

M: So...I'm guessing that you' a lot of regrets, huh? do you deal with it?

Z: Muad'Dib helps. And I read a lot. Watch crime dramas. Take myself out of it as much as I can.

M: I guess it would help to have someone as optimistic as Muad'Dib around, yeah.  [silence] So, um...anything else you'd like to share?

Z: [Just like that, he was calm and collected again] What do you need to know?

M: Um...the only thing I can think of is asking for more details on your job and I'm...not particularly eager to dive more in-depth into that.

Z: [He nodded] Is Poe still using the ointment I gave her?

M: Um...I...don't know.  I haven't noticed one way or another, and this is the first I've heard about it.  What sort of ointment?

Z: For her cuts. She really can't run the risk or them getting infected.

M: [It didn't click until I was transcribing my recording that I hadn't known Poe had any cuts.]  Ah, right.  Um...he...doesn't send her to you, does he?  Screwtape?

Z: Those cuts are one of my specialties, though. And he doesn't leave the room like some of the others.  He must be learning from me.

M: The room?

Z: My room. When I work. Most people find it uncomfortable. Screwtape always watches.

M: [My hands balled up into fists at this point.  The bastard is...sick.  Disturbing]  Ah, right.  Um...thanks.  For the ointment and everything.  I'll make sure she uses it.  [he nodded] Well...thanks for talking with me.  I appreciate it.

[He nodded again, and I excused myself from the room.  Make of all that what you will.]


  1. Explains why his personality is calm and collected. He must have to be, to get through the day.

    Can't imagine how hard that must be for him to do all this to keep his sister safe.

  2. I say he's an death or two away from becoming one of the numb,Must be his sister keeping him going the last inch.

  3. I don't believe I'd go that far for my sister.

  4. Huh. What do you know, I can relate. But we all do what we have to, eh...?