Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Poe's Return

Okay.  Things have settled here a bit.  A few things: I've got three reports to write up: Donovan, Screwtape, and Rachael (aka Maurice).  I'm ready to write them up, but this comes first.

That post...went up on Poe's blog before she got back.  That was the first contact I got from her.

She showed up a little later that night.  Wasn't covered in blood or anything, so she obviously cleaned up beforehand.  I looked up as she came back, and there was immediately a sort of tension between us.  We could both feel it.  Worry.  Fear.  Maybe some anger or other feelings.  Just...tension.

She looked down.  "I'm back," she said quietly.

"Yeah.  Hey.  Welcome back."

She just stood there for a few seconds, not moving, not talking.  I was...she was still Poe.  I managed to tell myself that.  She was still Poe.  Not someone else.  I had no reason to worry.  Stood up, walked over to her.  Gave her a hug.

She instantly put her arms around me, clinging to me, and it's like...that was enough to trigger her.  Snap her out of it.  She started crying into my shoulder.

"You okay?" I asked her.

She took a few deep breaths.  "I...I don't know.  I don't know how I feel.  Happy.  Sad.  Relieved.  Scared.  I don't know, Messi.  I need some time to think."

I held her while she shook and cried.  I don't blame her.  What she did couldn't have been easy on her.  I mean, she completely lost control of herself.  Told her it was okay.  Screwtape was gone now.  She didn't have to worry about him.  She was finally safe.  And I was scared, yeah.  I was worried for her.  I still don't know how to treat the issue.  But I think she’ll be okay.  I hope she’ll be okay.

I held her while she cried for a while.  Let her get all that exhaustion and the pent up feelings out.  Stayed with her until she calmed down.  “Messi?” she said.  “I’m going to my room.  I need some time alone right now.”

So she’s locked up in her room again.  But this time she’s herself.

I hope she’ll be okay.

-Don't Shoot The Messenger-


  1. Keep an eye on her Messenger, I guess.

    As she said, she doesn't know how she feels right now. The next few days are gonna be when it starts to hit her.

    She'll need your support.

  2. "Herself" is a relative term, but sure. Everything's right back to normal, right? Morons. That shit isn't going to go away just because you want it to.

    What happens when Eternity catches wind of it? Or the rest of your "team" for that matter? There's going to be hell to pay. You know it. Are you trying to hide in your denial until it's time to pay the Piper?

  3. Amy's right. She killed her partner. That's not going to go well.

  4. Not to chastise you guys for worrying or anything, but I'm inclined to believe that that Eternity fucker isn't going to give a shit. And did anyone else actually LIKE Screwtape? Meh, guess we'll find out eventually...

    1. Doesn't matter if anyone liked Screwtape, he was good at his job. That's the whole point. They have jobs they have to fulfill, and he was marvelous at doing it. If it were about their "liking" him, Poe's abuse wouldn't have continued on for so long. No one in charge cared about her bruises or her pain. Now, Screwtape's dead. Now, they're going to have to replace him. Not to mention the fact that Eternity LOVES to fuck with people, and this is an easy in.