Monday, September 5, 2011

A Situation/Tape #5

Okay, first, to elaborate on our situation a little more.  Poe is...currently a little unstable.  Not mentally or anything, just...emotionally.  If you're familiar with Donovan, that guy who used to apparently know her, you'll know that he's...going through a tough time right now.  And it's tough for Poe to have to hear that and not know how responsible she is for this happening.  I've been trying to console her some, but she's been...well, she's not taking it well.

But that was before we watched the tapes.  That was on Saturday.  Poe found out this morning.  As for what happened Saturday, Nee-chan came over for their weekly anime session, and since we couldn't really watch the tapes with her around, Poe convinced her to leave early.  We watched the tapes after that.  Wasn't in the mood to transcribe them that night, considering the contents, and today I've been busy just being there for Poe during her breakdown.  Also because I've been kind of dodging transcribing the tapes.  But I'm getting this one written out now and it is going to feel so good to put these tapes behind me.

Tape #5

Someone (later revealed to be a man probably in his late twenties) is holding a camera, their hand unsteady, their breathing quick and hurried.  The cameraman pans the camera around in perhaps the most dizzying way possible, scanning the horizon.  He lets out a sigh of relief, and turns around.  Nee-chan pops up into the frame.  Note: her hair is pink at this point, as opposed to the purple in other videos.

Nee-chan: Ooh, whatcha got there?  Is that a camera?  Neat!
The cameraman stumbles backwards with a yell, falling to the ground.  Nee-chan reaches down and grabs the camera from him.

N: Whatcha filming?  Mind if I borrow the camera?  Oh, this thing's actually pretty nice, desu! 

The cameraman stands, pulling out a switchblade, and charges Nee-chan. She idly sidesteps him as he charges.

N: You shouldn't be waving that around, you know.  You could get hurt.  I mean, your form's so clumsy!  And it's so short!  I mean, you've got a better chance of hurting yourself than of hurting me.

The man growls, undeterred, and charges again.

N: Oh, so you wanna play that badly, huh?  Okay, let's play!

She pulls out a knife of her own.  I didn't get a good look, since the camera was kind of jumpy this entire time, but I think it may have been a butterfly knife.  Anyway, I saw enough to see that, as they fought, the guy was at a clear disadvantage the whole time.  He didn't have the speed or skill Nee-chan does.  She was toying with him.  Like a cat with a mouse.  Laughing.  Having fun.  All this while holding a camera.  Finally, he screams, and when she turns the camera on him, he's dropped the knife and is clutching his wrist.

N: Yatta!  Wanna play again?  [The man attempts to stand and run.]  Hey, no running away now.  We're not done yet.

She runs after him and slices at his leg, and a bloodcurdling scream splits the night.  When the camera pulls back and comes into focus a bit more, it's revealed that the man has had his calves slashed, rendering him unable to run.

Man: [gasping through pain] You've got me.  Now what?  Just going to murder me in cold blood like the scum you are?
N: Why would you say that?  You attacked me first.

M: You work for a monster!

N: Yeah, I know!  He's so kawaii, isn't he?

M: I...wait, what?  You...think he's cool, or cute, or...whatever you said?  Look, I...I don't know how to break this to you, but...he's not.  He's a monster who wants nothing more than to kill everyone he can, and...look, you don't seem to understand.  He's just using you!

N: N-no he's not.  He's my friend.

M: [laughing through the pain] think he's your friend?  He doesn't care about you!  Maybe he pretends to, or maybe you've deluded yourself so that--


M: Face it--you've been suckered into doing whatever he wants you to.  Are you really that gullible to think that you're any better off than me for it?
N: I said, shut up!

Nee-chan appears to drop to her knees, and the camera falls to the ground.  It lands at an angle that sort of tilts up, revealing most of Nee-chan, but leaving the man out of sight on the ground.  She proceeds to take the knife and stab the man repeatedly, shouting incoherently, then dropping the knife and tearing apart his body with her bare hands.  I think.  They come away bloody, at it kind of looks like she's holding organs at some point, but I don't really want to think about it too hard.  After he's clearly taken enough damage to kill him, she collapses into tears and places her arms around what I'm assuming is his neck, throttling the corpse and sobbing.  This goes on for five whole minutes before she just sort of rolls off of him and collapses into a fetal position, grabbing the camera and shutting it off.

End Tape #5

And...those are the tapes.  Those are the five tapes.  And after watching them, I'm sure of only one thing: Nee-chan is absolutely batshit fucking insane.  I don't know why I was sent the tapes, and I don't know who sent them, or how whoever it is got their hands on them.  I'm just...really, really confused right now.  And to be honest, pretty damn paranoid.

I guess I'll keep you updated on the situation.  I really hope that some answers come through soon.

-Don't Shoot The Messenger-


  1. Oh, she's just so far into being batshit fucking insane. I love it. You had that woman living with you. She visits you ALL THE TIME. Gosh, it's just so wonderful.

    Why do you think your mysterious benefactor is gifting you with those tapes? There must be a purpose behind the warning.

  2. Maybe it's good I only spent a day there.

    Don't see how what happened to the Runner is Poe's fault. All because Donovan visited TMV, isn't it? Nothing she did.

  3. Would quoting that line about "We're all mad here" be in poor taste?